The Residences


The sun is shining over The Hague. From your apartment high in KJ you can enjoy a phenomenal view. In the evening you have a modern panorama view with Scheveningen and a sunset as the center. In these apartments you will quickly feel at the top of the world. Living big in the heart of the residence. The world literally starts at your feet here. The Hague, Scheveningen and via the Central Station: the fastest way to Brussels, Paris and London. Going places. Everything is connected to each other here.

Which level do you prefer the most?


KJ has two distinct towers that soon will enrich the skyline of The Hague. The K-tower is close to the station and the J-tower is slightly more advanced towards the Koekamp. The towers each have their own entrance from the square on the ground floor. You will find apartments ranging from 60m2 to over 110m2 and more (approx. 650 square feet till 1200 square feet and above). With views towards Delft and Rotterdam or Scheveningen and the North Sea. The apartments all have an outdoor space and are finished at a high level. You don’t have to miss anything here.

The valley

KJ offers a wide range of apartments in the ‘green valley’. This medium-high part of the building connects the two high towers of KJ. Here the apartments each have their own roof terrace / roof garden with space for a lot of greenery. There is also a communal roof garden, of course for residents only. The metropolitan life gets a new dimension here. With these green roof terraces KJ takes the green from the park to your house.

City Park

In the City Park apartments in the lower part of the building you are part of the cozy liveliness of the city. There are several boutiques and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. You can go for a quick lunch with business associates or a long lunch with friends. During summertime you can enjoy a good cup of coffee at the Stadspaviljoen and watch commuters hurry to the central station. From your apartment you have an ample view over the green park. From the nearby, historic Koekamp till the “Scheveningen bosjes” in the distance.

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